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-- republicans 202-585-3881. democrats -- 202-585-3880. independence -- 202-585-3882. send us a tweet by writing you can send us a tweet @cspanwj. our question for you this morning is -- how important is a sense of humor and a presidential candidate? it is inappropriate time and place? how much does it run true to you? let us look at coverage of the dinner last night. obama and romney go for laughs. switching from -- switching to jokes. they set aside an evening to make fun of themselves and each other. let us take a look at one of the clips. president obama at last night's dinner. [video clip] >> i have heard some people say, barack, you are not as young as you used to be. where's the peck and your stop? and i say, settle down. i am trying to run a cabinet meeting. he doesn't smile when he says it though. tomorrow, it is back to campaigning. two cities and towns across our great country. under the same thing everywhere i go. -- i hear the same thing everywhere i go. and i admit sometimes it can be a grind. sometimes it feels like this race has dragged on forever. but paul ryan assured me we had
yesterday. the president of using his of parents to accuse mitt romney of raising taxes on middle class when he was governor of massachusetts. the question we are focusing on this morning is, what if there is an election dispute? we are basing it apart on a story that has this. election disputes likely. we already posted the question on the facebook page. some of you have already weighed in on this. give us a call. you can almost -- you can also send us an e-mail or join us on our twitter page. if you remember election night -- or maybe we should say election morning 12 years ago -- let's go back to cbs news's coverage of the race between george bush and al gore. >> let's point out what the television networks are using a pool of data and exit poll of permission and other ever mission have made some mistakes over the night, the big one meeting in florida, first calling it for al gore and then for george bush and calling it back. television and radio networks are not the only ones who had to take some calls. >> this is one that called it for bush. they came out with a new addition, they calle
communities. >> i have stated that think we should triple the u.s. border patrol. we have to get serious and solve the problem of securing the border. this raises an important question -- mexico is a great and mighty nation, and it is tragic what is happening in mexico, the violence. i was visiting with a mexican businessman some time ago who described to me how he received from the drug lords a letter that detailed where every one of his grand kids had been for the past week, minute by minute. it is tragic what is happening -- getting to the united states should work cooperatively with mexico to help the mexican government solve this problem, stop the violence, and stop the drug lords terrorize and some of the innocent citizens. >> the texas senate seat held by retiring senator kay bailey hutchison is one of the key races you can watch on c-span, c-span radio, and /campaign2012. >> now, several perspectives on the presidential campaign in the battleground state of pennsylvania from ""washington journal." this is an hour and 20 minutes. >> "washington journal" -- we are focusi
is good when it is not used properly and poor people cannot afford to put ads on and that means the country will be rolled and the election will be bought by billionaires' and i think that is wrong. hopefully, the voters will see that. host: are you seeing a lot of ads in florida? caller:yes. host they speak to you? caller:no, they don't speak to me but they are speaking to people who are independent of all the facts of the race like people voting republican and the people who are democrats. it is the people in the middle, the independents, that have to get educated on the way they vote. and not be swayed by these negative ads and all the money put into these ads. hopefully, they will study the issues and realize the average person out there is supported by the democrats and not the rich republicans. host: let's hear from a republican from california, good morning. how affective do think political ads are? caller: think it is about finding a balance between the pacs and the candidates. i have a lot of friends to think the negative ads go too far. when they actually attack the ca
, and they matter. if you want to get in touch with us via social media, the address is twitter @cspanwj. as we wait for the funds to heat up, we want to tell you a little bit more about the item, do fax matter? this is from he writes -- we want to find out from you, our viewers and listeners, do facts matter? this is dane from london, kentucky. caller: can you hear me? certainly it fax matter. we have some of the worst lying going on as far as obama and joe biden. let's look at obama. the first thing he wanted to do is closed on, no bait. did he do it? no. -- guantanamo bay. did he close it? no. 38 -- the women on his staff make 38% less than the men with equal jobs. he lies about that. there is not anything that this incompetent evil man will not lie about. we need him out of office to get somebody in there that can put us back in track where we should be. host: we move onto roy on our line for independence. caller: fax matter a bunch. -- facts matter a bunch. i do not know if you heard, it covers romnesia. that appears to be a mostly republican condition where they
manufacturing and the u.s. economy. our guests are wall street jour eric. >> good morning. this friday, october 5. all eyes will be on the 8:30 time release of the september jobs number. which is suggested will be resonating on the campaign trail this weekend. and here on c-span, we will be drawn from the debate this week for a question on this friday morning -- a specific question toward the end of the debate. and that is the role of government in your life. i would like to know what to think about that. it is a hearty debate it seems this year between the two debates. our lines are open and. -- lines are open. you also send us a message by e- mail. can post on facebook foresees ben. weet.end us fa t what should the role of government be in your life? this story was part of peter baker's coverage of the debate. a clash of philosophies. one side sees the central government role. the other side wanted to get out of the way. is also the subject of a fairly new poll from the gallup group majority in the u.s.a., doing too much. so the majority of americans continue to believe the government is tryi
to get your thoughts. give us a call -- we choose this in part because of the reactions in the debate moderator's, especially from groups and watch these kinds of things. this is media matters, this out for the mark but debate. this is what the poston. write when media uses interruptions -- it goes on despite right-wing media are attacking the moderator, and planning she interrupted paul ryan significantly more than joe biden. in fact she enter. joe biden the same amount of times. she interrupted them an equal number. and then they show a bar graph. that is from media matters for america. another group that watches america. and this is their response from the debate. she showed up almost no debate in her foreign policy debate questions. but on domestic issues, especially on the budget, with a remarkable dozen questions that inc. liberal campaign themes, compared to just four based on the conservative promise. but from the media research center. just two groups of watch the media and in dealings about this campaign season. and tailoring to the moderators, which we bring it to you. we w
they are laying low today. that gives us a chance to check in with you on the vice presidential candidates. here are some of the weekend's events with paul ryan and vice president biden on the weekend from the papers in florida. one headline -- and this story in the boston herald -- that the play on words to the new hampshire state motto. just a sprinkling of the weekend coverage. here's a piece on paul ryan and joseph biden. [video clip] >> they voted against extending the middle class tax cuts. why? because they were holding it hostage to make sure they could continue their tax cuts. and romney adds another tax cut with a total cost to the economy of $1.70 trillion. it is $250,000 a year in additional tax cuts for those same 120,000 families and anybody making more than $1 million. >> all these promises were made on the idea of hope and change and it sounded pretty good to people. but when the rhetoric went aside and the time to act occurred, the ideas are the old idea that a failed time and again. borrowing and spending and regulating and taxing and printing money, all these things do not lea
romney line. are you with us? please go ahead and make your comment. caller: i was calling to support mitt romney. i am in kentucky where we actually produce coal. i know we have been out here and we have lost jobs due to shipping coal and selling its overseas and everything. we are looking at over thousands of the men that are out of work here, that have taken money from our home state in the kentucky and virginia and west virginia. and i think that being able to produce our own energy here through the cold instead of forcing to take the jobs over what help us. host: are you involved in coal industry? caller: yes i am. host: what do you do? caller: underground coal mining. host: are you still working? caller: no, sir. >> that was mathew. thank you for your time. the huffington post. chief in command it says. and here is the washington post. obama presses attack in debate on foreign policy. and final clash, a cautious mitt romney. the last of their three debates was supposed to be foreign policy. but both but romney and obama talked-about the issues most important to voters, jobs, the
. for democrats, 202-585-3880. for independents, 202-585-3882. and you can also reach out to us via social media. the address on twitter, @spanwj. and email, more from the article this morning from the "wall street journal," economy grows at 2% pace. josh mitchell and refugee write -- -- and jeffrey write -- host: we'll take a look at more newspaper articles dealing with the 2% growth in the third quarter. but first, we want to check in on the phones. cameron is our first caller, calling from west virginia. he's optimistic about the economy. why is that, cameron? caller: well, i'm optimistic because i'm a republican, and the more the polls, the more that i really realize that people are waking up to the fact that we really need a change, and i really feel that i've been in the coal mines for 32 years. the trickle-down government and regulations, we've had several thousand coal miners laid off in west virginia. i've heard three days ago that 200 railroad workers got laid off in the pocahontas division. it's just an expansion of the regulations and the thing
with reporters. >> good afternoon everybody, all of us across the country are concerned about the potential impact of hurricane sandy. this is a serious and big storm. and my first message is to all the people across the eastern coast going north that you need to take this very serious and follow the instructions of your state and local officials because they are going to be providing you with the best advice in terms of how to deal with this storm over the coming days. we've just had an excellent meeting with the fema team here and the various agencies in charge including the didn't of the defense and energy that are going to need to respond quickly. we've had a chance to talk to the regional officials of fema as well and i've talked to the governors of the potentially impacted states as well as the cities in the region. at this stage, everybody is confident that the staging process, the position of equipment that are going to be needed to respond to the storm are in place. but as craig has imp sized this hasn't hit land fall yet so we don't know where it's going to hit or where we're goin
. --re are the numbers to call i you can also find us online. send us a tweet or you can weigh in on facebook. or email us. we would like to hear from you this morning on whether political spouses affect your vote in what they say, their personal stories, their political backgrounds, professional background, whether they make a difference to you. here's a story in the new york times -- michelle obama is headed to loudoun, virginia. this looks at the associated press report. expected late tuesday afternoon at loudoun county fairgrounds in virginia for a campaign rally focusing in part on encouraging voters to register in advance of the state's monday deadline. "politico" has this -- those statements came in a recent interview that michelle obama dead on abc which aired last night. let's listen. [video clip] >> i am his biggest supporter. are you also brutally honest? >> absolutely. >> if you think something has not gone right -- >> if i think it will help him but i also temper my remarks. sometimes in a job like this, the last thing the president of the united states needs when
do you have for the candidates? here are the numbers to call -- host: you can also find us online. send us a twitter message, we have a special hash tag for this, c-span 2012. or you can e-mail us at the opinion section of "usa today," tackling this morning's question. the number one question for president obama? it revolves around the economy. they would like to ask president obama -- "if you did not turn around the economy within three years, you said in 2009, your presidency would be one term." see: let's jump over and the top question for mitt romney. host: would you like to ask the candidates as we go over the debate. the top story this morning on the front page that we are looking at right now, "middle- class detour." the story looks at local voters, saying that the next american president will be governing a shrinking middle class. people in that income range had a message for the president that transcended political ideology. the percentage of americans that fit into the middle income category was exacerbated in the 2000's as media
on facebook. look for c-span and way in there. you can also e mail us, starting with "the baltimore sun" -- "the candidates crack -- preciously sought to close the deal with voters as this year's surprise, not a storm, laid waste to their best played -- best laid plans." host: other papers are covering how hurricane sandy is affecting politics. "president obama and opponent, mitt romney, made final arguments to voters as the campaign's dealt with uncertainty." has this changed your plans for early voting? are you looking at how this may affect elections or campaigns were you live? here is a headline from "the financial times." id says "as the candidates tried to campaign, they are heavily rearranging their schedule, introducing unpredictability into an already razor tight election battle." you can give us a call and tell us where you think the impact will be. this story is from "usa today." one of the angles that could be affected, early voting, indicating a tight race for the white house. "while the campaigns are pointing to absentee and early voting data, there are reaso
and facebo facebook. already sends us an e-mail and we will take all of your comments that way this morning. we have a report from the "washington post" the headline is storm brings candidates' disaster response into focus. hurricane sandy battering of the east coast is expected to produce historic rainfall and cause billions of dollars of damage and disruption to the presidential race and could provide a moment of sharp contrast between president obama and mitt romney and how their different ideas of governing apply to large scale disaster. host: his kpaeub was quote d as saying people are point tock the primary where governor romney during the primary has talked about privatize iing fema and budget cuts to them. he has not made similar comments since that debate and his aides insisted he would not abolish fema. he believes states should be in charge of emergency management and responding. that is from the romney campaign yesterday. so, we are turning to you to get your take. what is your trust level in the government during natural disasters? lew is in new york an independent. what is it
to "washington journal." as campaign 2012 hits its final month, the presidential candidates are using the economy to frame their vision for the future and what they would do for the american dream. we saw a jobs numbers that showed an unproven unemployment rate. we would like to hear your opinions. has the american dream been downsized? you can also share your opinion on social media. send us a tweet by writing @cspanwj. you can also join the conversation on facebook. or you can e-mail us. the front page of "the washington post"looks out with the call life of a salesman. he always finds to -- he always seems to find optimism in the worst of circumstances. here is another chance. the story profiles this man building and installing pools. how he had to downsize his business, cut employees, and work even harder to find jobs. let's take a look at the content. it says -- what do you think? has the picture of the american dream changed? national journal took a look it how americans are perceiving the economic situation right now, not just on a national level but on the personal lives, too. in a heartla
send us a tweet @cspanwj. we will begin with the editorial page. and their thoughts on this. sandy signals an era of extreme weather. this is what the editorial pages to say. even before citi turned ashore near publix city -- debate was raising in scientific and government circles over whether the monster hurricane nor'easter was a spawn of global warming. a lot of the conclusion is that sandy would have happened with or without climate change. but the extra heat and humidity. this much seems beyond speak. because of man-made warming, the united states is in an era of extreme weather events. that is with usa today has to say. contrast that with the washington times editorial page. franken storm. it was not caused the industrial revolution. a 2010 study by the national hurricane system predicted global warming would decrease the number of tropical storms by as much as 1 1/3. two opposing views for you. return to all of you. outside of washington, we want to -- we will stay inside washington for this first call. caller: think you so much. the leadership and our country is acting with
thoughts on the impact of the debates so far. have the debates influence your vote? give us a call. host: you can also catch up with us on facebook and twitter, where you can use our usual,, or our special town2012 hashtag, so they you can talk about the debate's all night. the richmond times dispatch headline, "obama romney set for round two." in "of the star-ledger," the headline is "tough town hall format will force candidates to alter strategy and tender. in today's open "the washington post," obama's chance to connect on the stage. then there is "the chicago sun- times," saying to "for get tonight's debate, the real battle is in ohio -- forget tonight's debate, the real battle is in ohio." president barack obama, "misstating health care costs, joe biden mischaracterized the troops in afghanistan, but running -- host: there, again, is the debate hall where tonight's town hall style debate is going to happen. have a few comments already this morning on facebook on the debates. host: we will be discussing that all morning. you can go ahead and st
will share comments with you as well. or send us an e-mail. the christian science monitor on its website has the question "stop the presses, a tally of endorsements." newspaper endorsements may not mean as much as they did when the press and vote in the on paper. around the country, newspapers are starting to weigh in on the major presidential candidates in campaign 2012. tell us what you think. do newspaper endorsements make a difference? give us a call. it can also send us an e-mail or join us on the twitter page. -- you can also send us an e- mail or join us on our twitter page. let's hear from you. gavin from pennsylvania. caller: i personally do not follow the newspaper endorsements. i think newspapers being the media outlet that they are, they have a tendency to influence mass media and kind of slanted through sensationalism people's perspectives and ultimately their voting decisions. host: thank you for your call. we will go to robin from georgia. caller: know. -- no. i already know who i am going to vote for. you cannot trust the newspapers for every single thing. host: thank you for
. unemployment is 8%. joining us from denver this morning, curtis hubbard, the editorial page editor from "denver post." what are the top issues for colorado voters? guest: just like everywhere else, the economy and jobs. we have a large energy sector. education is a big issue. among the latino population and especially democrats, immigration reform. host: the demographics of the voters in colorado? guest: 52% women, 40% men. we have increased the number of people were voting by mail. 800,000 people have already cast ballots in this state. it is equally divided. one-third of the electorate is a registered republican, won third democrat, one-third unaffiliated. everyone is plan for the group of unaffiliated voters. you'll hear a lot about appealing to women and latinos. we have heard a lot about the bennett strategy and that is the strategy center michael bennett used in running against the tide in 2010. where by appealing to women and latinos he was able to pull a victory in a year or not favorable to democrats. host: where are the traditionally democratic areas of the state? guest: denver is gro
us a call. for republicans, 202-585-3881. for democrats, 202-585-3880. for democrats, 202-585-3880. for independents, 202-585-3882. you can also catch up with us on a all your social media platforms. twitter, facebook, and e-mail good morning to you on this october 8. we want to start with that foreign policy speech that mitt romney is getting ready to make today. here are the headlines from "the washington times." read to you a little bit from the story, "mitt romney on monday will accuse the obama administration of fundamentally misunderstanding the threat of radical islam." host: that address is coming up at 11:20 today. we want to know what you think these candidates should talk about, or what mitt romney should specifically address in his speech and what foreign- policy issues you think he needs to talk about more on the campaign trail. already getting reaction from facebook this morning. host: just below that, eleanor rights -- host: we want to get to your calls this morning, start calling in now. we have -- we will read to you a few more articles from
not? you can also join the conversation on social media. send us a tweet or join the conversation on facebook. you can also e-mail us. the "washington times looks at presidential debates, who watches and what they gain for it -- from it. we would like to hear from you this morning, your take on watching presidential debates and this one in particular happening tomorrow. here is the headline from the denver post -- the school is getting ready for the national spotlight as it will host the candidates tomorrow night. let's hear from tyson in los angeles on our republican line. good morning. caller: happy birthday to you, libby. host: are you watching the debate? caller: absolutely. it is the two candidates day in court, so to speak, meeting face-to-face group politics. no teleprompters. get true face to face questions and answers. host: what do you hope to learn from the debate? are you watching to root for your candidate or watching to learn something? caller: i'm always wanting to learn and listening to learn, but i have to see these two candidates face to face without admitting ev
-- 202 is the area code. if you support mitt romney -- as always, you can contact us and make a comment electronically via e-mail or make a comment on our facebook page. the question we are asking on facebook is what were the highs and lows of the debate last night? that stays up all the time so you can continue the conversation. on twitter we are using a different twitter handle for this morning. that is hashtag cspan2012. here's from "the huffington post"this morning -- is the cbs news poll, conducted using an online panel of uncommitted voters -- 33% said it was a tie. .hat's from the huffington post and here's roll call's take. our first call is from vita in springfield, virginia, on our support president obama line. good morning. what did you think of last night's debate? caller: good morning and thank you for c-span. it's my first time calling. i thought it was a great debate last night. i was so excited to see president obama come out swinging. that's what we had been waiting for. i thought mitt romney did well with the economy, but the president held his own in that regard. the
action. we have more from adam to tell us about the case. you had a cover story yesterday in "the new york times" featuring abigail fisher. who is she and what is this case about? guest: she is a young white woman from texas, it was turned down, and she was sued, saying her race was held against her. that gives rise to a major affirmative action case question of whether public colleges and universities can take race into account in fashioning their student bodies to make sure there is educational diversity. >> what is the university of system for acceptance? guest: bic most kids from the top 10 system, the top 10 percentage of schools in texas. then it is about 75% of the class. the of a 25% is admitted on the way that most universities admit, the look of the entire file, academic credentials, but all other factors, life experiences, rick and assist the city -- race and ethnicity. the last part is what abigail objects to. there is no role for the government to be sort of people by race. >> the university of texas of austin's has what? guest: they say the supreme court has endorsed edu
us there. >> your rebuttal? >> it's amazing to me that you can stand here having voted 4 trillion dollar deficits for the last of four years, the largest, fastest debt increase in american history and say we have to control spending. you've done nothing to control spending over the last four years. with respect to cut, cap, and balance, it's amazing to me that the idea of cutting wasteful spending, capping the ability of congress to spend money we don't have, and balancing the budget is extreme. i think it would force congress to set priorities and stop funding things like solyndra and to prioritize things like social security, medicare, and education. that's why i support a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. >> the race to succeed retiring new mexico senator akaka is just one of the key house or senate government races you can follow on -- house, senate, and governor races. >> "washington journal" continues. host: we are highlighting key battleground states of campaign 2012. today we put a spotlight on iowa. joining us from des moines is a senior political
it comes to voting, specifically whether your gender affects the way you vote. if you want to tell us why, you can do so on one of three lines this morning, all starting with the 202 area code that. -- code. if you want to reach out to us on social media, you can send us a tweet or send us an e-mail. or contact us on facebook. here's the associated press poll. this is from out of washington. it says -- joining us to talk about the details particularly the gender aspects, this is jennifer, the associated press deputy director of polling. welcome. guest: thank you. but host: what information was used when it comes to denver in particular? guest: the poll does a random sample of adults. we tried to identify likely voters in that group. women likely voters compared with women likely voters in our september poll which was conducted before the debates occurred. we asked them who they planned to vote for in november and we noticed a big swing. i think a lot of it seems to stem from shifting views among women on the economy. mitt romney has gained great ground among women as being the candidate m
and use the word men five times. they extended the debate into the campaign trail in 2008, women cast 53% of the vote, 11.9 million more women voting than men. we want to turn to all of you this morning -- women only -- we want to know who is your choice for president. if you're supporting governor romney or governor -- or president obama, the numbers are on your screen. you can also -- also oppose your comments on facebook or twitter. these other front pages of the newspapers. most of the papers have something about campaign 2012 and women. "the financial times" is this -- -- says this. this recent gallup poll is not showing tuesday night's debate. that will take about a week to show up. if you look that some of the polls breaking down women coming year is "the washington post." -- here is "the washington post." that is how it is shaping up among women according to the polls. we want to turn to you because the candidates are targetting ladies. they want your vote. we want to hear from ladies only this morning for the first 45 minutes. from virginia, supporting president obama, why? call
as online. look for us on twitter, -- twitter, we have a special hash tag set up. we are also on facebook, look for c-span. you can also reach us by e- mail, what would you like to see the candidates asked tonight in the last debate of campaign 2012? "final debate, particularly big." host: looking at the washington -- "the washington times," obama leads as romney loses ground, but gop voters are more enthusiastic. "if the presidential election were held today, for whom would you vote"? this poll shows obama at 49.7%, romney at 47.3%. the mitt romney first debate bounce has disappeared, though the survey shows that the mitt romney backers are far more energy -- energized about him. in "the washington post" they write -- "it all comes down to foreign policy"? he writes that the seat of the presidential base could well focus on this. "president obama and mitt romney are headed to florida for their final debate, with national polls suggesting that the race is tied and with a terrorist attack in libya dominating the headlines." as yo
this morning. here are the numbers to call -- host: you can also find us on social media. send us a tweet, spanwj. you can also find the conversation on facebook, or you can e-mail us at journal@c- "the washington post's" has new information from a new poll -- the washington post" has new information from a new poll. looking at the opposite of that statistic, here is a question format, "how much more questions -- how much more -- how many more questions you have for the candidates"? the first debate, it was 32%. the number was greater before the convention. while it has shrunk, it is still about one-quarter of the populace. what information are you lacking if you make your decisions and choices for campaign 2012? who are these undecided voters? what are they waiting for? it is a simple question. what do they want to hear that they have not yet heard from the candidates. he goes on to say by saying -- let's define that universe. the good folks -- host: so, what do you think? nick, st. clair shores. what information are you waiting for? caller: i am waiting to hear
into election day. did you make up your mind months or years ago? let us know by calling in on the republican line. on the democratic line -- on the independent line -- you can also catch up with us on all your social media sites on twitter, facebook, or e-mail us at. . a very good morning to you. i want to get right to some of those polls on the horserace leading up to election day. this from last night. two national polls show the president's race remains a dead heat. mitt romney gaining ground in one survey about losing steam in another. national numbers -- president obama seems to be retaining a significant lead in pivotal ohio. yesterday afternoon, a news poll found the candidates nearly tied among likely voters. the results were flat from a week prior when the same poll showed mr. obama ahead of his challenger. both results were within the poll's margin of error. the story goes on to note if the president's campaign was unnerved by new numbers from abc news, they may take part from gallup which shows the mitt romney lead dwindling three. . mitt romney outpaces the president among likely
between your calls. you can also send us a tweet. we are using a different address this morning. that is the hashta we are using this morning. you can also make a comment on our facebook page or send us an e-mail. we want to get your reactions to what you think of the debate. we want to start off by showing you the huffington post this morning. here it is, "romney wins the night." this is from "the hill" newspaper. in "the hill" again -- that is from "the hill." here is "politico." that is from "politico." time to hear from you. the first presidential debate is over. we're going to begin with old c- span watcher joe in the georgia. caller: i thought it was a tremendous win for mitt romney. can you hear me ok? host: we are listening. caller: i think this is a game changer. i think he will be elected and he will be the greatest president in the history of the country. i could not even sleep last night. i thought it was a total home run. i am so fired up. everybody at the barbecue was so excited. i do not have the words to say -- i will turn it on like anything you have ever seen f
for mitt romney in order to keep paying jobs in the coal industry say. the romney campaign has used the argument for call as a way to court a relatively small percentage of voters, maybe you are reagan democrats to occupy key coal-producing counties and several battleground states. electrolyte, four are considered a possible tossups this cycle, colorado, ohio, pennsylvania and virginia. are you with me still? caller: i am still here. host: this story is about how governor romney is telling those that support call that they need to support him. caller: what he tells the public and what he says behind closed doors are two different things. host: when did you hear from your union representative? caller: he is one of the representatives up their. about two weeks ago. host: ok. we will go on to wednesday in florida, now supporting governor romney. tell us when you decide to make up your mind and why. caller: i have been going back and forth just because obama said he would bring the truth out. but about one hour ago i was getting ready for word and i heard mr. romney pose the question --
as jobs are concerned -- tell us a little bit about where you stand as far as jobs are concerned. the numbers are on your screen -- social media is available to you as well -- a look at some of the newspapers nationwide reflecting the number that was reported by the labor department. if you take a look at some of the newspapers, they broke it down statistically what happened as far as the labor picture. this is a breakdown from " the new york times" -- you can take a look at the demographics for unemployment -- that is some of the individual breakdowns from the labor picture yesterday. many comments are being made about the number itself. this is "the washington post" -- this comes from the story you probably heard about jack welch yesterday. there is the math and statistics. we want to get your reaction. tell us your job status as well as it currently stands. the phone numbers will be on your screen. you can also reach out via social media. can i ask your job status? caller: right now i am disabled. host: how long is that? . caller: one year. host: tell us a little bit about you
, you can send us your questions or comments via social media. 's will begin with "usa today " headline -- how important our vice presidential debates? larry is a democrat in mississippi. caller: good morning. the debates should not be that important. it is their policies. romney and ryan's policies will destroy the middle class. host: what do you want to hear from vice president joe biden tonight to the congressman? caller: i want him to hold romney and ryan to their policies. that is what matters. that is what will destroy the middle class. they are changing their policies and fooling a lot of people. host: how did you see the first presidential debate and president obama's performance? caller: president obama admits that he did not perform well. what they have to do from now on is make the republican candidates hold to their policies and not let them get away with saying anything. host: people are saying the pressure is on vice president joe biden, that he needs to make up for president obama's performance. caller: i don't agree. he needs to put their policies against romney and ryan
's highs and lows and who you think was the winner. you can also contact us electronically on twitter. you can also send an e-mail or contact us on facebook. here is some reaction in the newspapers from last night -- that was "politico's" tale. -- take. here's the cnn poll -- that's from cnn this morning. here's the hill -- that's just a little bit from the the hill newspaper. now it's your turn. we want to hear your views on how. last night when it we begin in ypsilanti, michigan, on our support president obama line. hi, lovada. caller: thanks for taking my call. i watched the debate and i learned a little more about mr. ryan, but i was especially proud of vice president biden because he hit the issues. and, again, i was reminded that although i have not forgotten, that i've been a 47% that mr. romney is not interested in. the debate went very well for mr. biden. host: thanks for calling. here's the front page of "the huffington post" online. and we want to show you the daily caller. i guess we don't have that one quite ready. next, bill in massachusetts on our republican line. caller: go
levesque is the executive director of the new hampshire institute of politics, joining us this morning from manchester. let's begin with top issues for new hampshire voters. guest: good morning from new hampshire. before i start, i want to thank c-span and congratulate c-span radio on 15 great years being on the air. it has been a very valuable resource for some of us in civics. a great resource. in new hampshire, we are a swing states. four electoral votes. it sounds like a small number, with 538, but if al gore had won those of for your votes, he would become president. so they are very important. this state is a tossup. the issues are little different in new hampshire than across the country. unlike a state like nevada and has a higher unemployment rate, and mentors at 5.7%, which is a little higher than it has been all summer, this means jobs and the economy is an issue that is certainly front and center ended is the number-one issue, but it may not bring home as much as other issues -- ring home. host: what are the swing areas of that states that have historically provided the winner w
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